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Integral Furnace

Integral Furnace

Bioflamm® integral furnace
Series: SR-EB

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Use: Joinery workshops, furniture manufacturing plants, local heating plants
Power range: 100 to 2,200 kW
Fuels: Pellets, wood chips, timber materials
Max. water content: 35%

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Based on our experiences in the construction of flue gas dedusting units, our engineers have developed a furnace system that, through its specific degassing of the fuel, has significant advantages over the systems currently available on the market. As a supplier of dust suppression systems for solid matter furnaces, our knowledge of the individual furnace systems proved advantageous. The patented Bioflamm® degassing external furnaces have enjoyed increasing popularity since their market introduction. Whether in combination with boilers provided by the customer or with new boilers from the Bioflamm® program, the versatility of the front furnace was in demand. However, nothing is so perfect that it can not be improved. The Task In the wood-processing trade in particular, the demand for furnace systems has increased steadily with respect to operational comfort, economic efficiency and environmentally friendliness. Production surface is especially valuable in smaller and mid-sized operations. Often, there is little space for the heating. The available external furnace technology thus required further development.

The Basis:

The focus during construction was on maintaining the successful characteristics:
· High degree of heating efficacy
· Fast adjustability pursuant to DIN 4751 Part 2
· Reliably falls below emissions standards
· Flexible applications
· Use of the available boiler Bioflamm® boiler program

The Solution:

The comprehensive use particle and MDF board in the furniture industry brings increased requests for reliable furnace technology. Rarely needs to be cleaned - vertical boiler pipes. High heating values are often accompanied by a tendency for slag buildup. Therefore, we still rely on the advantages of the grate furnace. Where the underfeed stokers meet their limits, the stoker-fired furnace shows its
advantages. The Bioflamm® integral furnace is the successful synthesis of the Bioflamm® external furnaces and multi-pass boilers. The stoker-fired furnace was integrated into the heat exchanger. Fuel and air intake occur according to the relevant power requirements and the fuel composition.

Particular attention was paid to the optimal combustion chamber geometry. Through the design and the arrangement of the secondary air nozzles, a very distinct rotation of the flames is produced.
Almost complete combustion is achieved through the significantly better mixing of fuel gas and combustion air and the increase in the retention time.

The Optimum:

During the compact design of the integral furnace, a particular advantage of the fluidized-bed degassing system could be maintained: the extremely low adjustability of approximately 5% of the nominal performance at full operational readiness. The fast adjustability of the integral furnace sets new standards. Even the ease of maintenance, long valued by users, could be improved further. Thus, all of the stoker-fired furnace integrated into the multi-pass boiler can be removed from the boiler for cleaning and maintenance with in a few simple steps. The integrated design additionally reduces radiation loss through the water-bearing side walls. Cleaning of the vertical boiler pipes is only necessary after long intervals.

The Options:

The automatic boiler de-ashing via ash collection screws reduces the maintenance expense to a minimum. Flue gas recirculation in particular decreases the NOx emissions as well as the tendency for slag buildup for particle and MDF boards. During the application of various fuel compositions, programmable furnace optimization guarantees the flexible and loaddependent performance regulation of the system. In this way, we guarantee equally low emission values with high heating efficiency. In the highest equipment level, you can visualize
the operating data of your Bioflamm® integral furnace with the communication packet via modem in the boiler house or from any location in the world. Our customer service can also take a look for you on request. Just like your car, your boiler needs a checkup now and again. For this, you have options with respect to the intervals and the extent of this service. Like every one of our products, we also offer
our service contract for integral furnaces.


The Solution
The standards of our customers are the benchmarks for the development of our products. In this process, crafting skills and modern production methods form a traditional unity. Our national and international customers value the advantages of their Bioflamm® integral furnaces. Integral furnace in furniture plant. With the communication packet, we have your system in view.