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Discharge Systems

Discharge Systems

Bioflamm® articulated and spring arm discharge system
Type series: BG

Gelenk2-Austragsysteme_200 106-0661_IMG_200
Articulated or spring arm discharge systems are used to remove wood chips from small and medium-sized silos or storage rooms. They are suitable for square and round silos.
The important parameters for planning are the necessary inclination angle, the necessary discharge rate and the meterability.

Bioflamm® inclined screw discharge system
Type series: BS

Schregschnecke,-Austragsyst Schregschnecke2,-Austragsys

The inclined screw discharge system is used to remove chips from silos with a small diameter and height. Depending on how full the silo is, the cardan joint bearing of the discharge screw counteracts bridging.
The discharge system is dimensioned in dependence on the diameter of the silo.

Bioflamm® horizontal discharge system
Type series: BW

Horizontal,-Austragsysteme_ Horizontal2,-Austragsysteme

The heavy-duty discharge system is actually the only discharge system that comes into question for emptying of silos with large diameters and/or filling heights.
This system is characterised by its rugged construction and virtually troublefree operation.
Apart from charging of boiler plants, it is alternatively also ideal for emptying silos at a high discharge rate.

Bioflamm® hydraulic moving floor discharge system
Type series: SB

Schubboden,-Austragsysteme_ Schubboden2,-Austragsysteme

The hydraulic moving floor is the most common system for removal of wood chips from large storage rooms.
Its rugged technology and low vulnerability to failure are appreciated by our customers.
The systems are designed individually for the respective application in dependence on the silo floor space, filling height and discharge rate.
We differentiate between underground fuel stores and moving floors capable of carrying vehicles.

100_0300_200 befahrbar,-Austragsysteme_1

Underground fuel store         Moving floor for vehicles

Bioflamm®  interchangeable fuel container
Type series: BC

Wechsel,-Austragsysteme_200 Wechsel2,-Austragsysteme_20

The interchangeable container is an alternative to a stationary fuel store.
Apart from the base plate, there are no building costs involved.
They are also flexible regarding the choice of fuel supplier because the containers are standard DIN containers.
A further advantage lies in the tax-deductible depreciation as movable asset.
Every container is equipped with an integrated moving floor with hydraulic cylinder and unit as well as a hydraulically opened cover.
The container is delivered ready for use. All you need is a suitable power supply connection.
On request we are also able to deliver a control system for several containers via a central hydraulic unit in the central heating station.