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Flue Gas Purification

Flue Gas Purification

Our customers have entrusted us with solving their dust problems for more than 50 years now.

As pioneers in the field of hot gas blowers and mechanical dust collectors, our engineers have developed a wealth of different systems with which to meet statutory dust limit values.
WVT filters prove their worth daily in operation behind Bioflamm® and other makes of boilers.


The Alternative
Bioflamm® Metall mesh filter
Type: MF
Power range: 100 bis 2.000 kW
Dust limit: < 30 bis 50 mg/m3

The metal mesh filter MF is a filtering separator that cleans the flue gases from the combustion of wood by means of a stainless steel mseh. The filter mesh is in cartridge form and is installed upright in the isolated filter housing. By means of a matching pressure difference is cleaned depending on the pressure loss through the compressed air cartridge.

For basic cleaning of the cartridges they are mounted on a simple lifting mechanism, so that the cartridges are easily and quickly to disassemble. The filter housing has laterally a large inspection door with which you can easily replace the cartridges. All other areas of the filter can be reached through inspection openings. To protect the cartridges from condensation in the housing, a flue gas bypass is built, to redirect the cold flue gas to the outgoing.


The small one
Bioflamm® rotary dust collector
Type series: R
Power range: 30 to 400 kW
Dust limit value: < 100 to 150 mg/m3
For connection to small furnaces with manual or automatic charging.



The all-rounder
Bioflamm® multicyclone collector
Type series: MK
Power range: 50 to 5,000 kW
Dust limit value: < 100 to 150 mg/m3
The leading exponent of mechanical collectors is the multicyclone, which is today no doubt the most often used dust collection system for wood furnace systems.
Also usable in modular configurations as pre-collectors for electrostatic or fabric filters.



The alternative
Bioflamm® metal fabric filter
Type series: MF
Power range: 100 to 2,000 kW
Dust limit value: < 30 to 50 mg/m3
Modularly constructed fine filter with cleaning by compressed air as alternative to electrostatic or fabric filters.



The big one
Bioflamm® electrostatic filter
Type series: EF
Power range: 500 to 6,000 kW
Dust limit value: < 20 to 50 mg/m3
Electrostatic dust collection in industrial operations or high power range.