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Fuel transport systems:
Reliable and troublefree operation of a wood furnace system depends not least on a rugged conveyor system optimised for local conditions.
Our experienced staff will select the most suitable variant from the different systems together with you. .

Bioflamm® metering hoppers
Type series: KD and RD

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For power-based metering of fuel with various capacities including metering screw, stirrer, level monitoring and material gate.
As dual metering hopper for fuel distribution to two furnaces/take-off points.

Bioflamm® fuel feeding unit
as stoker screw
Type series: BES

For power-based transport of fuel from the metering hopper to the furnace.
Consisting of stoker screw in various sizes, rotary feeder and type-tested back-burn safety equipment (high pressure fire extinguisher and sprinkler system).


Bioflamm®  fuel feeding unit
as hydraulic stoker punch
Type series: BEK

Consisting of hydraulic stocker piston, stopper with limit position monitoring, storage shaft with level monitoring and type-tested back-burn safety equipment
(high pressure fire extinguisher and sprinkler system).

Fuel transport screws
Type series: TS


- As cross screw conveyor for receiving fuel from moving-floor discharge systems
- As trough or pipe screw conveyor for fuel transport
- As pellet screw conveyor for removal from pellet storage areas.
Constructed in various diameters and for various conveying rates.

Fuel scraper chain conveyor
Type series: KKF

The rugged alternative to screw conveyor.
Especially suitable for coarse material, long distances and high height differences/inclination angles.
Constructed as one or two-chain conveyors as well as screw-scraper chain conveyor combination for various conveying rates.

Silo covers
Type series: DNBM, DNBF, DBS

To cover silo filling openings. Can be entered and driven on.
In various sizes and versions, manual or automatic opening.

Ash removal systems:

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Customer requirements for ash removal from a wood furnace plant can be very different depending on the space available, the local waste disposal company and the plant constellation.
We offer various ash removal equipment such as ash screw conveyors, ash scraper chain conveyors in conjunction with ash bins and ash containers of various sizes.
We also offer pneumatic boiler pipe cleaning equipment and industrial ash vacuum cleaners.

Steuerung und Regelung:
Bioflamm® Lambdamatic
Bioflamm® Optimatic

The PLC furnace optimisation system is based on a software program developed especially for Bioflamm® furnace systems.
The controller comes in two variants: Lambdamatic and Optimatic.
The power is controlled on the basis of the inlet temperature and taking plant parameters such as residual oxygen content (lambda), combustion chamber temperature, exhaust gas temperature and vacuum into consideration.
The combustion air, fuel quantity and vacuum are adjusted continuously and steadily by frequency converter.
Control in a power range of 25 to 100% ensures optimum efficiency regarding the respective properties of the fuel with the best possible emission values.
The control concept also allows glow retention operation of only 5% of the power rating of the boiler.

Communication package

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Optionally available is a visualisation and remote data transmission package via modem or MOD-BUS.
The specially developed Bioflamm® software allows graphic display and archiving of all relevant operating and error messages as well as access to our customer service department.
On request, the relevant data can be made available from our control system for further processing in a customer-side central building control system.
All control systems can be delivered with a telephone dialling unit for telephonic remote transmission of error messages.

Chimney systems

Freestanding and in element construction
We have various chimney systems made of stainless steel or Corten steel to discharge the flue gases.
A certificate of technical suitability according to EN 13 084-1 is of course included in our scope of supply.