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ab 1900 Bau von Dampflokomotiven im Werk Maribor ( ehem. Marburg ), Slovenien
1957 WVT founded in Cologne as family-run enterprise by Karl-Wilhelm Prochnow
1960 bis 1972 Development and patenting of flue gas dust collectors and hot gas blowers
1974 To expand manufacturing capacities, production and administration move to the favourably-situated town of Untereschbach directly on the autobahn BAB 4
1979 Own biomass furnace system patented under the registered trademark: "Bioflamm®"
1982 bis 1985 Development of a distribution network with partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, England and the USA
1983 Delivery of two boiler plants to Haiti for recovery of oils from roots
1984 TÜV report on quick controllability pursuant to DIN 4751
1988 Licensing of the company Siegel LTDA, Agrolandia, for production and sale of Bioflamm® furnaces in Brazil
1989 Extension of capacities by building a new production hall and extension of the administrative building at Untereschbach
1990 Delivery of the first Bioflamm® furnaces in combination with steam boilers to the companies Schütte-Lanz GmbH and Allgäu Pharma GmbH
1992 The first plant for thermal oil heating in combination with a Bioflamm® furnace is constructed at a German door manufacturing plant
1992 Further development of the forehearth system for the compact series (integral furnace)
1992 Use of the first PLC in a Bioflamm® furnace
1993 Acquisition of the manufacturing plant in Maribor (Slovenia) and monitoring of quality by TÜV Bavaria
1993 bis 1996 WVT acquires a name for itself as municipal and commercial energy supplier by delivering numerous plants for local and district heating. (The first public wood heating plants in North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig Holstein, Rhineland Palatinate, Hesse and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern come from us.)
1994 Delivery of a furnace for rape groats for the research project "decentralised energy generation from rape" with the support of the Ministry for Economics of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia
1997 Delivery of the first wood pellet boiler to Sweden
Delivery of the biggest single plant so far (6 MW) to a wood processing plant in Italy for use of chipboard residues
1998 Participation in the research project: "Development of cogeneration of heat and power on the basis of a Stirling engine in conjunction with high temperature ceramics" with the support of the EU
2000 Business interests of K. W. Prochnow handed over to the Biedenkopf family for age-related reasons
2001 Advancement award from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for the wood heating plant in Lieberhausen
2003 Delivery of a furnace for a pilot project for use of horse litter at the Olympia-Reitanlagen GmbH in Munich.
The first welding robot starts work
2004 Opening of a sales office in France
2004 Delivery of a furnace for the research project "FLOX Burner" at the Institute for Process Engineering and Steam Boilers at the University of Stuttgart
2005 The two boiler plants in St. Marie aux Mines win an award as technologically most innovative plant in Alsace
2005 The founder of the company Karl-Wilhelm Prochnow passes away on 26 December
2005 bis 2007 Numerous Bioflamm® furnaces for heating of grain driers delivered to Bavaria, Austria and Hungary. WVT celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2006 Delivery of a 3 MW furnace to heat a thermal oil heater in a saw works and chipboard plant in Siberia
2007 Lieferung der zehnten Biomasse-Kesselanlage für den Wärmecontractor EDG in Rheinland -Pfalz
2008 Einführung des Visualisierungs- und Pufferspeichermanagementsystems „Easy-Graph“
2010 Entwicklung einer neuen Kesselbaureihe TRF / SRF mit Dreizug Flammrohr- Rauchrohrkessel
2013 Lieferung von Feuerungs- und Regeltechnik für pelletgefeuertes Dampferzeugersystem „Susteamer“