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Bioflamm®-Traverse Grate Furnance

Bioflamm®-Traverse Grate Furnance
Nominal output 1.100 kW
Year of construction: 2007
Suitable for fuels with humidity of 10 to 45% (millings, wood chips)

Composed of:
- Bioflamm® Hydraulic fuel slide Typ: BZA 320
- Bioflamm®-Traverse Grate Furnance Typ: TR-B 10 N
- Bioflamm®-Boiler Typ: V 10 – A ( with refractory, vertical smoke tube, safety valve, service stage and ash removal )
- Bioflamm®-Multicyklon deduster Typ: MK 10 with exhaust fan
- Central ash removal
- fluegas recirculation-duct
- SPS-control panel Bioflamm®-Optimatic

Condition: very good
Located: Germany - Overath-Untereschbach

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Bioflamm-Heating container

Nominal output: 400 kW
Year of construction: 2001
Suitable for fuels with humidity of 15 to 45% (millings, wood chips)

Composed of:
- Fuel roller container with push floor holding
- screw conveyor
- Bioflamm Traverse Grate Furnance TR-B 6 N
- Bioflamm Boiler V 6-A with vertical smoke tubes
- Mulitcaclon deduster
- stainless steal chimney
Fully wired and piped (Water side)
Condition: very good

Located: Germany-Hesse

Silo discharge system with horizontal screw

System WEISS
Type: AS 8-700-UG-5,5/0,18 - 250 - E - I
Year of construction: 2011 (only one heating period in use )
For a silo diameter of 7 m and and filling height of 9 m

Bulk density: 150 – 200 kg/m³
Power: 5,5 kW
Humidity: max. 20 % atro
Delivery rate: approx 1 bis 2 m³ ( depending of material )
( without mounting ring)

Condition: sehr gut
Located: Germany - Overath-Untereschbach
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Bioflamm fuel roller container

Year of construction: 2011
For transport, storage and holding of woodchips

Composed of:
2 Stück roller container manufactured to DIN 30722
Dimensions: 5.000 x 2.400 x 2.250 mm
Volume: 25 m³
Incl. centering-track, push floor, cover plate
2 pieces of docking station with screw-scratch-chain-conveyors (Type: KKF 500 / TS 315)

Condition: very good

Located: Germany - Saxony

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Bioflamm Integral furnance


TR-EB5/V5E (300 kW Nominal output)
Composed of:
- Integral furnance TR-EB 5
- Boiler V 5-E
- Automatic ash removal
Suitable for fuels with humidity of 10 to 35%
Condition: As good as new

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2 pieces of Bioflamm integral furnance

Nominal output: each 600 kW
Year of construction: 2008
Composed of:
- Integral furnance SR-EB 7
- BoilerVND 7-E ( low pressure steam )
- Integral furnance SR-EB 7
- Boiler V 7-E ( hot water )
- Automatic ash removal
- Feeder with return fire protection
- Multicyclon deduster
- Control panel

Condition: very good ( low operating hour )

Located: Netherland

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