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(Deutsch) Bioflamm mit „Neuem Gesicht“

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Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Economy inaugurates biomass plant

Under the "regional development Hunsrück" the state Rhineland-Palatinate supported with 1.5 million euros the establishment of a biomass heating with district heating network in Birkenfeld.
The county and the municipality Birkenfeld had applied to the project and eventually were among the winners.
Responsible for the operation is the Nahwärmeversorgung Birkenfeld GmbH. The local heating network with 30 customers mainly public buildings is applied over a Bioflamm® boiler TRF RK 750th
This burns occurring on site green waste. "This creates a regional material cycle, which holds the value to a large extent in the region Birkenfeld," said Economy Minister Lemke.
The heating plant with a heating network was created under the auspices of the Energy Services Company Rheinhessen-Nahe mbH (EDG) in a period of only 5 months.
In the presence of representatives from politics, industry and the project participants, the official inauguration of this pilot project now took place.
Minister Eveline Lemke raised in her speech out: "The new district heating concept is a exemplar of the use of renewable energy for the entire National Park region Hunsrück-Hochwald.

Great response to district heating forum in Biel

Many interesting contacts could socialize Bioflamm on the 15th district forum in Biel / Switzerland.
During the congress, interesting discussions with various stakeholders in the district heating sector in Switzerland could be performed.
The Forum has become part of established mandatory program each renowned thermal utility and is therefore network for all players in the industry.
Our partners in Switzerland; the company Iseli Environmental and heating AG acted as a silver sponsor of the event.
On the same level of information at the convention center several meeting participants took the opportunity to inform themselves about the Bioflamm-product.
Moreover, were jointly discussed concrete projects that will be realized in the current year in Switzerland.

Think green, be green, meet green

Under this motto organized Bioflamm together with the partner Lasa Energy a Practical Seminar on:
Sustainable Co2 reduced heat generation with biofuel wood.

The seminar for selected guests bundled themes around the topic of renewable energy generation. Topics planning of biomass heating plants, aspects of environmental legislation, economic comparison of primary energy sources, fuel quality and availability, Solar heat, Innovative cold water systems, financing and contracting interesting speakers have been.

In "green environment" in the mountainous land of our guests had the opportunity in addition to the technical presentations in a personal dialogue to contact each other in the areas of utilities, contractors, public utility companies, installation companies or consultants. Here are the close practical relevance was very important.

For an attractive supporting program made the all participants ensure lasting memories panoramic trip through the Bergische Land.

In American original Memphis Schulbusbus from the Year 1980 went to visit a traditional distillery. Here all participants could learn interesting for the operated since 1880. Production of spirits and liqueur specialties. Even the original Bioflamm- boiler and fire water (according to VDI 0815) met with great interest of potential plant operators.

"A very successful event" - this was also the summary of the participants. Interesting thought it was a lot of guests, to each other and exchange across sectors and actually take existing synergy for daily work. The repeatedly expressed desire for a repetition of such a seminar confirms our commitment to an open and individual dialogue with our customers and business partners.

Official start at biomass heating station Vörde

With the commissioning of the two Bioflamm woodchip boiler in Friedrichsfeld-Voerde start schedule the operation of the biomass heating. Operator is the district heating Niederrhein, subsidiary of Stadtwerke Dinslaken, which built the heating plant in the industrial area Voerde.

To be powered by an approximately 5 km long heating network an assembly plant of Siemens and 95 residential buildings. 60 residential buildings located in sponsorship Wohnbau Dinslaken, and be changed by the heat carrier gas in an environmentally friendly wood chips. The cost of district heating will not change to gas. There are also other buildings which are to be connected by 2016 to the heating network.

Through the use of two Bioflamm boilers (2 x 1,100 kW) annually 1,930 tons of CO2 can be saved, so another plus in the environmental balance. "The dense development and the possibility of large customers enable to supply with heat economical operation," said Hans Büch, authorized officer of the district heating Niederrhein.

Biomass heating station Verl will operate on

Around 8 Bill. KWh of heat to produce in the future the new biomass heating plant of the city Verl.

The base load provides a 2 MW Bioflamm-boiler. It will be burned with tree-cut material and natural finish wood chips, which are not interesting enough for the material use. The material is supplied mainly from regional suppliers. The fuel storage at the heating set with approximately 1,100 m³ storage for about 20 days.

To expand the capacity of the space for a second biomass boiler already provided. About a district heating network in addition to the nearby swimming pool and sports halls, a school center, the Senior Center St. Anna and about 100 residential and commercial buildings are supplied with environmentally friendly heat.

Responsible for the heating of urban utilities. The Mayor Paul Hermreck was attended by representatives of the specialist planner, suppliers and numerous citizens of the city Verl launched the trial operation.

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